Princettia: So Much More Than a Poinsettia

Princettia | So much more than a poinsettia

I’m not much for traditional holiday decor. I’ll opt for blue-teal accents over Santa Claus red. Raw, rustic materials before metallic and glittery golds. And Charlie Brown inspired Christmas trees instead of tightly trimmed firs.

This is why I’m such a fan of our pretty-in-pink Princettias.
HUGE fan.

Princettia Hot Pink

While hot pink, let alone pink, isn’t really my go-to color, I’d seriously consider decorating my home in these hues. Especially if I could mix-n-match between the various shades in the Princettia collection. With bracts of dark pink, hot pink, pink, soft pink and new for 2016, Max White, you really can’t go wrong with any combination for the season.

Princettia Max White

Princettias are an ideal size for the home. Their compact stature and strong branching allow for a beautiful bounty of color and extra-long season of enjoyment.
In fact, I’d go as far as to suggest Princettia should be a must-have gift for Valentine’s Day.

Princettia Pink

But back to the current season…
Can you imagine how gorgeous your home might look with the delicate hues of Princettia Soft Pink?

Decorating with poinsettias
via Pinterest

Or the complementary contrast of Princettia Hot Pink in a vintage, silver container?

Vintage tea kettle vase
via Pinterest

You’ve got to see more ideas on our Pinterest board, dedicated to a perfectly pink Christmas, here >>> . It can be easy and surprisingly cozy to dress your home for the holidays with pink accents. Start with our pretty-in-pink Princettias and style from there.

Princettia gift basket

Or consider them for a housewarming gift. I’m sure you’d quickly win over any friend or family with a unique and beautiful Princettia.

See our entire Princettia collection here >>>.

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