Crushing on Salmon

Surfinia Summer Double Salmon petunia

I’ve always been a fan of the color salmon.
It’s kind of pink, but yet not pink, and while I previously confessed I could have a pink Christmas, I’d much rather have salmon colored flowers in my garden. So when Suntory Flowers gave me my favorite hue in one of my favorite bloomers, I have to confess, it’s all I can think about.

Introducing, NEW FOR 2016, Surfinia Summer Double Salmon petunia

Surfinia Summer Double Salmon petunia

Isn’t she just beautiful?!? The perfect pop of salmon-pink with a slight touch of fuchsia. The color combos are endless!
If you’re not familiar with the awesomeness that is Surfinia Summer Double petunias, allow me to peek your interest…

What I love first are their double blooms.
Surfinia® Summer Double™ White petunia
I know it sounds juvenile, but twice the bloom always gets me giddy. And yes, every time I see, hear, and say double in reference to flowers, the iconic theme song to Wrigley’s Doublemint gum runs through my head for a good twenty minutes thereafter.

Secondly, I love their compact and overall growing habit and structure, especially when combined in a hanging basket.
Surfinia Summer Double petunia hanging basket

Thirdly, Surfinia Summer Double petunias are a rock star against extreme heat and heavy rains when other double blooming petunias fail to perform. This is a major bonus to me – double the blooms, double the pleasure for double the time.

See what I did there!?! ^^^

And lastly, the blooms are self-cleaning.
This means you don’t have to do a thing to keep these double-your-pleasure flowers from coming and coming all season long.

See the magic in this time-lapse video from Suntory Flowers featuring Aaron McDonald with Botany Lane Greenhouse.

Learn more about Surfinia Summer Double petunias here >>>. But before you go — which color is your favorite? Pink, Rose, White or the new Salmon? You already know mine 😉

Surfinia Summer Double petunias in all three colors

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