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Brag-Worthy Roses: Sunrosa

We know there’s a lot of roses on the market, varieties ranging in size, color, hardiness, etc. Some are great for the landscape, others perfect for the tabletop.¬†We’ve got a variety of rose that will flourish in both spaces: Sunrosa rose.

Sunrosa rose flowers in three gorgeous colors — red, pink, and yellow — and produces blooms in the garden from May through October. Additionally, both yellow and pink varieties flush a sweet fragrance to them.

Do you like secrets?
We do, especially when they’re shared with us ūüėČ

Hear straight-from-the-breeder secrets in this video to why Sunrosa roses are so fabulous not only for growers, but for gardeners too.

At¬†Orlando’s Landscape Show¬†this past September, Sun-Fire Nurseries¬†got quite clever with their display of Sunrosa roses. Opting to create a waterwheel of blooming plants which is quite fitting as these roses push almost a “waterfall” of flowers throughout the season and with little-to-no help from the gardener.

Sunrosa rose at Orlando Landscape Show

Sunrosa roses waterwheel

Extra bonus, these bloomers thrive in the heat.¬†Sunrosa Red rose, in particular, won the Classic City Award at the UGA trials, where Dr. Allan Armitage¬†from the University of Georgia claimed it was the toughest rose he had in the trial garden — even through the hot and humid summer!

Looking for more brag-worthy proof? Listen to Dr. Allan Armitage¬†yourself ¬†praise the landscape performance of Sunrosa roses and how they’re perfect for the small-space gardener.

Read more about Sunrosa roses’ powerful statement in the garden here >>>. And look for new, more fragrant varieties available in 2016.

If you’ve got to have one right this instant, order direct from Big Bad Flower. There are three different colors available in a 4 inch container for $9.99 each. Shop here >>>

Self-Cleaning Bloomers. Cause No One Likes to Deadhead

Surfinia Summer Double Pink petunia

We know you love flowers.
You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

Million Bells Mounding calibrachoa

We love flowers, too.¬†Their shapes. Their colors. Their¬†multitude of colors…
The way some push up

Sundiascia Upright Peach diascia

while others swoop down.

Angel Earrings fuchsia
The way a small, soft bloom such as Suntory lobelia compliments a larger, bolder bloom such as Sun Parasol Pretty mandevilla.

What we don’t love is deadheading.
Pretty sure you’re in agreement¬†with us on that too.¬†

This is the way with all of our flowers!

Sungelonia angelonias

Sungelonia Deep Pink angelonia

Surfinia Summer Double petunias
Surfinia Summer Double Pink petunia

Temari Patio verbena
Temari Patio Rose verbena

—¬†all of them — are self-cleaning.

No deadheading required.
Just plant them, water them occasionally, and simply enjoy them.
No maintenance needed.

Can you think of a better way to design a garden than with plants that essentially take care of themselves?!?